Neil is a business executive with more than 25 years of experience in various business sectors. His experience includes the successful implementation of joint ventures in Europe, Middle East and south East Asia.

Neil is one of the founders of FCI and has been providing investment banking advice and perspective to family owned and closely held private companies. Neil has completed numerous transactions involving mergers, acquisitions and recapitalisations, as well as capital raising engagements in the equity and debt capital markets.

Neil has previously been an Executive Director of Energy Maintenance Services in Houston Texas, USA, an oil and gas pipeline maintenance  company, and has provided advisory for their International activities since 2004. 

Neil brings a wealth of experience both in the domestic and international arena. He also has a strong network of contacts at the highest level, in the USA, Asia and the UAE.

Neil has been involved in the investment of a number of private and public companies, in the following sectors, hotel and hospitality, Telecoms, Oil and Gas, technology, renewable energy, and healthcare.

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Finance  . Consultancy  .  Investments  .