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Mr Kim graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, specialised in Science of Public Administration. He joined Hyundai Corporation and built his career as an international business expert through working in Light Industry Division. His main items were Korea's major trading products and focused on developing markets in the Middle East, Africa.

Became the CEO of Hyundai Group's Moscow Branch in Soviet Union, developing East European markets for plant projects, chemistry, steel, electronics, motor vehicles and general products.

In 1994, he returned to Korea and worked as General Manager of the Production Team, which were associated to the Product Division.

He developed the Chinese markets and became the representative of Hyundai Corporation Hong Kong and Taipei Branch, and specialised in the following sectors, shipping, machinery, plant projects, Hyundai vehicles and steel and captured the profitability of Hynix's ‘HYUNDAI’ brand licensing of home appliance & IT.

Head of Corporate Strategic Management Division and conducted company's business plans and management strategies and as the General Manager of Neo Brand & Commodity Division, and directed strategies of brand licensing and new-market developing.